National Security Archive Summer Research Internship

The National Security Archive Research Internship is a collaborative effort joining the National Security Archive, the Swarthmore College Libraries, and the Swarthmore College History Department. Student interns deepen their knowledge of Latin American-US relations while engaging in work that expands the research capacity of the National Security Archive.

Interns strengthen their collaborative skills through working on an interdisciplinary and geographically-distributed team, under the supervision of National Security Archive Analyst Carlos Osorio and Swarthmore librarians Roberto Vargas and Sarah Elichko. Students participate in weekly discussions of primary research materials (predominately US government documents) and readings. Occasional response papers and blogging offer an opportunity for reflection. By creating specialized reference materials, improving document-level metadata, and identifying opportunities for filing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, interns contribute directly to the research efforts of the Archive.

2020 Team:

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